Radar DS3 Set Of 3

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With the expert help of a team of international top carp anglers we have created bite indicators that offer unmatched reliability as well as numerous features that take carp fishing to a whole new level. The JRC Radar alarms are setting new standards in bite indicators that will be difficult to match. The DS3 alarms and receiver are available as a separate item, as well as in a practical 3 + 1 set.

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  • Ultra bright multi-colour LED's that can operate in 6 colours: blue, green, red, orange, purple, yellow
  • Smart LED light column with the light latching for 30 seconds at the top to indicatea run and at the bottom to indicate a drop back
  • Clever lighthouse function that serves as a beacon to find your spot back during nocturnal activites on the water
  • Step-less volume and tone regulation
  • Precision regualtion of sensitivity. Amount of line that needs to be pulled before the bite is indicated can be set at approx. 3.5mm to 15cm
  • Double sealed electronic parts make the indicators all weather proof
  • Power out socket to connect LED swing indicators
  • Manually controlled night light function
  • Super long battery life
  • Light intensity regualtion system enables the angler to easily set the desired brightness of the LED's
  • Intergrated Stealth-mode that switches off all sound
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