Radar DSr Receiver

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The Radar DSr receiver is not only designed and developed in Europe like so many others but also manufactured in Europe. All our parts like f.e. microprocessor, LED's, sensors and even the housing are European made. We did not want to give you any trouble after the purchase of this receiver and we have absolute confidence in this product, which is why we give you a 2 year unlimited warranty.

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  • LED visual display
  • Four channel receiver function
  • Fully adjustable volume control
  • Full vibration function
  • Low battery warning
  • Extended battery life - up to one year of normal use
  • 1 x AAA battery (supplied)
  • 30 secon latching time followed by 30 second flashing
  • Compact 10 x 5cm size
  • Range upto 1km
  • Easy pairing
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