Looking for top performing carp fishing rods at realistic prices? The current crop of JRC carp rods and specimen fishing rods deliver exactly that. Stylish, dependable blanks that are perfect for big fish anglers of all levels! Among the best value you’ll find in today’s market, our carp fishing rods deliver smooth, balanced performance at excellent value. Featuring high quality fittings and materials throughout, these light yet powerful freshwater fishing rods offer maximum angling pleasure at competitive prices.


For the ultimate value in carp fishing rods, look no further than the JRC Defender and Rova ranges! Offering responsive, powerful 30T  carbon blanks with hard wearing fittings and tangle-proof guides, these carp rods are hard to beat when it comes to quality at a fair price. 
Sharing its name with our famous bivvy range, the Defender Carp Rod is the perfect model for the starting to intermediate carp angler, or indeed any big fish angler on a budget! Available in test curves from 2.75 to 3.5lbs, these rods will cover everything from margin fishing to distance casts with solid PVA bags. 
Meanwhile, the JRC Rova range represents a great selection of shorter carp rods. Available in 270cm and 300cm lengths, these compact rods are spot on for cramped swims, stalking tactics and smaller fisheries. Unsurprisingly, they’re already proving popular on the bank, tackling big fish in tight corners and winning rave reviews! 


For outstanding performance, the JRC Extreme carp fishing rods offer top quality models to suit every angler. With features including  Japanese shrink wrap handles, braid resistant guides and smooth 36T carbon blanks, these rods are fantastic tools for the serious carper. Besides being superb all rounders, the range also includes fantastic models such as shorter 10ft carp rods, which are perfect for boat fishing or stalking applications.
For the all round big fish angler, our Cocoon range is also worth checking out. This series offers excellent specimen fishing rods that cover everything from catfish to float fishing the margins. Delightfully balanced and yet powerful enough to land your next PB, these are great rods for any demanding carp or specimen angler!